Our reputation is based on both what we do and how we do it. As the company grows we strive to maintain our small company values whilst operating with real integrity.
All of our beers are ‘true brews’ each with their own recipe. Many of our original beers still feature as part of our core range including Pale Gold, Silver King & Excelsior.
We aim to use local suppliers where possible. We brew using the finest ‘Yorkshire water’. All of our malt is produced from barley and wheat grown in Great Britain. We are also proud to support British Hop growers.
Over the last couple of years we have been part of the ‘Made with British Hops’ project and are continuing to develop and promote British hop varieties. Many of our seasonal beers now feature British Hops showcasing the wonderful diversity of flavours and aromas that can be produced.
We have also been working closely with a new British Hop grower, Yorkshire Hops. They are the smallest and most northerly commercial hop farm in the UK. They are dedicated to producing quality local grown hops. As one of their main sponsors we have been pleased to have access to Yorkshire grown hops and support their development. 
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