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Pivovar Ltd
Pivovar Ltd
Station Yard
North Yorkshire
YO41 4EL
United Kingdom
Phone number 01904 607197
Company No.: 04993777
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Please note, if you create your account online all prices shown will be list prices (unless it's a sale or promo price).

To discuss trade discounts please contact Paul:


Mobile: 07415111370


Collection Of Empties

Please note, if you have an order waiting to be delivered we will collect the empties at the same time as delivery if you have them ready for the driver.

This form is to arrange a separate collection time. We will endeavor to collect as soon as we can.

Contact number to liaise with for access....
To ensure sufficient space on the van....
List of empties & quantity.....
Please let us know where the empties will be and if somebody will be on site to assist.

Returning Kegstar branded Kegs?

If you'd like to return empty Kegstar kegs, please get in touch with them directly, using this link to book in your collection:


Credit Request

Keg or Cask Number located on Container
Was the product cold stored since delivery?