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Northern Monk

Sinnce the 7th century AD monks across the whole of Europe have produced and sold beer, life-sustaining, thirst quenching beer. In 1086, the Domesday book records the brewing of almost 70,000 gallons of ale by monks, whilst Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire once brewed 60 barrels of strong ale every 10 days.

Like the monks before us, Northern Monk is commited to creating the highest quality beers combining the best of traditional monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques. Homed in a Grade II listed mill in the spiritual heart of the industrial revolution, Northern Monk takes thousands of years of brewing heritage and tradition and combines them with the best of both local and internationally sourced ingredients, crafting beers to excite, to savour, to taste and to remember… True North

Our Brewery
A home not just to our beer, but also a destination to support and showcase like-minded brands and creatives who share our vision of craftsmanship, quality and our appreciation of timeless design, transcending the stereotypical view of drinking culture. That’s why we are committed to working with charitable organisations, local businesses and anyone who shares our passion for detail, respect for humanity and its natural resources. We regularly collaborate with breweries and businesses from near and far to help strengthen the North for positive change and to continually diversify our own offering.

In The Refectory we aim to bring you the best products of their kind. That’s why you’ll find a carefully curated selection of brews from around the world alongside our own beers. Our bottle shop showcases a wide array of hand-picked drinks for you to either enjoy in or takeaway. Our kitchen, lovingly toiled over by Grub & Grog, sources all its produce locally, using as organically grown ingredients where possible. Just like Fountains or Kirkstall Abbey in Yorkshire of old, all of Northern Monks ale is brewed in house right under our feet. Each of our beers are unique in their taste, colour and origins. Our dedication to our craft means that each person who joins us in The Refectory is given the time they need to find the right drink and the service it deserves.