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Freedom is an independent brewery located in rural Staffordshire which has established itself as a producer of distinctive ales and lagers Relocation from its original home in London has allowed the brewery to grow and expand. We now utilise a local water source and have invested in the modern brewing equipment required to produce the best quality brewery conditioned beers. These improvements have resulted in a range of highly drinkable beers that deliver the flavour and choice our customers are seeking. The brewing team remain at the heart product quality.

Brewing processes have been developed to drive consistency and consumer satisfaction, some key elements and themes run through our beers allowing them to be differentiated from the mainstream. Natural spring water from a sustainable source is used in all our beers Lager fermentations are at low temperature utilising a lager yeast All fermentations are under pressure leading to a naturally carbonated product which promotes easy drinking Lagers are matured for a minimum of 28 days driving a balanced product delivering a depth of character in the glass.

Ales are cold conditioned to provide product stability whilst retaining a full flavour. Our maturation processes mean that there is no requirement for isinglass finings, all our beers are
vegan friendly. 
None of our products are pasteurised.

Waste water is reprocessed naturally back into the local environment. All of our beers represent the choices we have made as a brewery and the inherent quality of the brewing operation. We aim to deliver drinkability and satisfaction to the consumer.

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Freedom Lager 4% 50L Keg

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