Electric Bear


Bath has a long association with brewing, and the name of our brewery comes from the old Bear Brewery that used to stand on the corner of the Wellsway, next to the Bear Inn in the Bear Flat area of the town. Electric derives from how we power our brewhouse kettle (AKA the ‘copper’ - the vessel used to boil the wort during brewing).

That original Bear Brewery is now gone – the victim of a WWII Baedeker bombing raid in April 1942. But Electric Bear is back – bigger and better than ever.


We created the brewery to escape a small garage which had no running water and no drainage. This was where we home-brewed, traipsing in and out of the house for water and cleaning, generally making some good beer, but also a lot of mess. The desire to make things sits deep within us all, and homebrewers are particularly passionate artisans. With some homebrewers that passion extends to fashioning their own equipment to make the beer; we have always seen things differently. We think great kit gives you the best chance to make great beer consistently. So Electric Bear Brewing Co. was born from the dream of a brand-new brewery creating great beer that connects with the local area – and with better utilities connections!

To help us bring this vision to life we have a small, dedicated team of people at Electric Bear with a melting-pot of skills and experience…and all of us share a love and fascination for beer of all types.

Our approach to brewing is simple: we want to produce consistently great tasting beers of all styles from easy-drinking ales to highly-hopped, high strength beers – from our core range to our experimental World Series.

And just for a bit of fun we’re still playing with the Braumiester creating some one off nanobrews which are only available through our taproom.

Starting the brewery has been a journey and not a day goes by where we don’t learn something new. Challenging, yes. Hardwork, yes. Worth it? Yes!