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In 1632 an extraordinary thing happened, Congleton sold its bible to buy a Bear.  From that day forwards Congleton was gifted a new name… Beartown.
Beartown Brewery was born in 1994, and blossomed in a world of cask beer – the pinnacle of craft brewing. Over the years we have evolved with the market, adding bottles, cans and kegs to our range.
Regardless of beer style or vessel, the one thing that runs through the core of all our beers, is what we Beartowners pride ourselves on, quality craftsmanship and flavours… It’s that simple.
If you’re in it for the long haul, new blood comes, and fresh ideas, both of which we love to invest in. We then use our team’s passion, skills and free thinking, to innovate and grow with the people’s demands, this opens the doors to new beer styles, and flavours, which are the foundations to any award winning beer.
Time generates perfection through repetition, and having made our beers for decades, we think we’re pretty close now.  With acknowledgement to our chequered past, we can happily say, that…