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The monastery’s largest business enterprise is the Andechs monastery brewery. It is the exclusive property of the Benedictine monks of St Boniface in Munich and Andechs. Brewed and bottled exclusively in Andechs. Monasteries have always been spiritual, cultural, and economic centres in active communication with their environment. The Benedictines work according to the Rule of St Benedict of Nursia, which can be condensed into their guiding precept of “Ora et labora”.
Through their business enterprises, the monks of St Boniface and Andechs fund the pastoral, cultural, and social commitments of Munich and Andechs Abbey. This is all the more important because the monastery does not receive any contributions from church tax. Like all other business enterprises, the monastery brewery operates on an earnings related basis. At the same time, it is dedicated to upholding the monastery’s precepts for organic and sustainable growth. The operations at the monastery brewery are a clear demonstration: the brewery’s infrastructure at the Holy Mountain (“Heiliger Berg”) is not aligned to profit maximisation, but to preserving the monastic identity.
The monastery beers brewed in Andechs therefore represent the successful marriage of Benedictine brewing tradition and ultra modern brewing technology.
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Andechs Vollbier Hell 4.8% 1 x 500ml Bottles

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