Wensleydale Brewery was first opened in 2003 at The Foresters Arms in Carlton, until it made the move to bigger premises down at Manor Farm, Bellerby in 2006, where it has been ever since.

Around that time, local lads and friends Geoff Southgate and Carl Gehrman joined the Brewery straight from school where they started to learn their trade.
Soon after they began taking on the Brewing role, and as a result local and regional accolades followed including The Flavours of Herriot Country Drinks Producer of the Year Award. With firm favourites such as Semer Water, becoming regular features on bars around the Dales and beyond.

In February 2013, the opportunity arose for Geoff and Carl to buy the Brewery. After serious consideration, they took on their place of work.
At 23 and 22 respectively they became one, if not the, youngest Brewery owners in the UK. And with overwhelming support the Brewery continues to go from strength to strength! If you want to come and share our enthusiasm then small Brewery tours are available, please contact us for more details.
Or come and say hello at one of the many festivals, shows and events we take part in.

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