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The Beginning – Like Chimay and Orval, fellow Ardennes Trappists, Rochefort owes much of its mystique to its setting. The abbey of Our Lady of Saint-Remy is an oasis of peace on the fringes of the modern world. There is little here to distract you from a rhythm of life consisting of manual work, prayer and sleep – exactly as preached by St. Benedict.
The library, the refectory, the reading room, the cloisters, even the brewery... everything here breathes simplicity and serenity. And nothing hinting at the abbey’s stormy past.
It all started peacefully enough, in 1230, with the establishment of Le Secours Notre-Dame. Rochefort's count, Gilles de Walcourt, and his wife, founded this convent one-and-a-half kilometres away from the town of Rochefort.