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Herzoglich Bayerisches Brauhaus Tegernsee
The company sees itself as the successor to a brewery allegedly founded around 1050 on Lake Tegernsee, where the Benedictine monastery Tegernsee was founded in 746. Today's brewery goes back to the year 1675, when Abbot Bernhard Wenzel brought the necessary brewing rights from Holzkirchen to Tegernsee.

A Benedictine monastery did not run a brewery as a matter of course. At that time, monks in Bavaria almost without exception favored wine as a drink. In fact, in 1604, Duke Maximilian I had a list of all breweries in Bavaria where Tegernsee was missing. Later, as elector, Maximilian had also forbidden by decree to build other breweries than the existing ones in Bavaria. If Tegernsee had already owned a brewery at this point in time, or if only a demonstrably old brewing license, the subsequent transfer of the brewing rights from Holzkirchen would not have been necessary. It can therefore be assumed that a brewery did not exist before the first half of the 17th century. Maximilian I in particular paid close attention to compliance with legal formalities, because he himself was a lawyer trained in Ingolstadt. There are several known cases in which he had to recognize breweries their older rights for example in Viechtach and Schwarzenberg. So there is no reason to assume that he wanted to harm the abbot of Tegernsee.

In 1817, the Bavarian King Max I. Joseph acquired the secularized Benedictine monastery and brewery from Baron von Drechsel. The brewery now operated under the name "Königlich Braunes Brauhaus Tegernsee". For dynastic reasons, the name later changed to "Ducal Bavarian Brewery". Since the purchase, the brewery has been owned by the Wittelsbach family and is now managed by Duchess Maria Anna in Bavaria, a daughter of Max Emanuel Herzog in Bavaria.

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Tegernsee Spezial Helles 5.6% 1 x 500ml Bottles

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