Stod Fold

Stod Fold Brewing Company’s founding partners (and childhood friends); Paul Harris and Angus Wood decided to join forces after careers in Brewing/Microbiology and Finance/Marketing respectively to create a small team dedicated to producing exceptional beers.

They designed and built the brewery themselves and decided very early that they would never compromise on anything that could possibly affect the quality and consistency of their beers or the flexibility of their processes allowing them to evolve in the future.

A fully integrated, bespoke, computer controlled, state of the art, oversized, 10 brewers barrel plant was born.  All this shiny stuff affords resident expert, brewer and microbiologist, Dr. Paul Harris the luxury of far greater control than your average brewery! This allows them to achieve their goal of setting new standards in consistency and pushing the boundaries of just what can be achieved with 21st century equipment and know how.