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Schöfferhofer. It’s definitely a tongue twister. And it’s a beer - stick with it - that’s designed to twist the tongues of beer lovers too, mixing up German wheat beer and fresh grapefruit juice to produce a uniquely refreshing, tangy hit of sunshine. It’s a world first, and thanks to those fruity flavours and a low ABV it’s become a favourite with everyone from cocktail mixologists to the kind of bars that keep hip rooftop parties well lubricated all summer long. But don’t mistake Schöfferhofer for one hit wonders. They’ve been singing the praises of wheat beer since 1978, when the original Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen was produced in its traditional, unfiltered form. It’s all brewed in Mainz at Binding Brewery, started by Conrad Binding in 1870. It’s unlikely old Conrad ever thought about blending 19th century wheat beer with grapefruit juice. To be honest, it’s unlikely he ever saw one of the little pink treats. But regardless, Schöfferhofer Grapefruit is a beer he’d surely have been proud of.