NB Gin is created using the exacting and meticulous London Dry process. This means that all of its flavours only come from the essential oils released from the botanicals through the distillation process. No flavour can be added by any other means. Only the finest 8 botanicals are used to make NB Gin: juniper; coriander seed; angelica root; grains of paradise; cassia bark; ground cardamom; lemon peel and orris root powder. The consistently high quality of these botanicals ensures perfection between the small batches distilled.

Following extensive research and experimentation, a process was finally perfected, which dictates:
The temperature of the still to within one degree at any one time throughout the whole process;
The total run time, literally timed to the second;
The cuts (both tail and head) to the second and millilitre;
The botanicals, weighed to the gram; and
The amount of water and spirit used, measured to the gram.
The distillate that comes from the still is over 83 percent ABV. It sits for a minimum period before being blended down to bottling condition – 42 percent ABV - by adding filtered water and some neutral grain spirit. Each blending drum holds the equivalent of only 275 bottles of NB Gin. Although immensely difficult to control, only the London Dry process creates the subtle variations of flavour and smooth and distinctive long taste that NB Gin is renowned for. It’s perfection that’s recognised globally and is the only way NB Gin will ever be made.