Matuška Raptor 6.3% 1 x 330ml Bottles

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Matuška Raptor 6.3% 1 x 330ml Bottles
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Matuška Raptor 6.3% 330ml BottlesMatuška Raptor 6.3% 330ml Bottles



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The English IPA comes from the 19th century . It was exported to India , where the English colony . Beer had to survive a long boat trip in the heat , and therefore brewed stronger and more hopped . Hops also protects the beer against harmful bacteria . For Raptor we used a combination of Czech , English , American raw materials and our cooking process . That is why our version called the Intercontinental Hotel. Interesting is that the Raptor export back home to England .

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Producer:  Matuska
Package Type:  1 x 330ml Bottles
Region:  Czech Republic
Beer Style:  IPA
ABV (%):  6.3


Pivovar Matuška was established on 13 April, 2003, on Easter Monday, the day the first batch of a special dark beer was brewed.

It took two years to put this micro-brewery together. Its founder, Martin Matuška, a brewer since 1981, was able to do it only thanks to the moral and financial support of his whole family, and also knowing that his son, Adam, would carry on the family brewing tradition.

Matuška are craft beers brewed without sugar, syrups or hop extracts, only with water, malt, hops and yeasts, and with a decoction mash, a process that is very demanding in time and energy, but gives our beers a fuller body.

All Matuška beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, keeping their fresh character, as if they were tapped straight from the lagering cellar; and also plenty of yeast, with their high contents of vitamin B and other things good for your health.