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Our journey from super tiny to marginally larger. 
We, Baz and Graeme, have two things in common above all else. One, we are brothers. More importantly, we love all things beer! Our shared passion evolved into a brewing hobby and together we are now doing our darnedest to turn that hobby into something more. We have formed The Meanwood Brewery and hope to open a micropub and onsite brewery in our beloved Meanwood, combined into what we are calling a microbrewpub. The whole thing is a mammoth undertaking and we've only just started. Rather than share a polished product at the end and fight to convince folk to care, we've decided to share everything, warts and all, here with you. When things go well or terribly we're going to put it all out there for you to see. As we learn to be better brewers, research the industry, and turn from amateurs to pros, we want you to experience it all with us.
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Meanwood Arecibo Message 5.7% 30L Poly Keg

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