Marble beers began brewing in 1997 after owner Vance Debechvel and manager Mark Dade decided it was a choice between a karaoke room or independent brewing, to aide the survival of ‘The Marble Arch Inn’. Mark left to set up ‘Boggarts’ in 2000 and was replaced by James Campbell who worked with us until September 2013. Bringing an emphasis on high quality ingredients, hop forward thinking and an idea to create beer that people wanted to drink and talk about, Marble brewery has grown into the 12 barrel plant it is today. We are excited to have welcomed Matthew Howgate to the brewery, as head brewer, in February 2014.

When setting up the initial 4.5 barrel plant in the back room of The Marble Arch we looked in awe of brewers such as Tony Allen and Brendan Dobbin who kept real ale alive in Manchester through thick and thin. We are now proud to see Marble alumni go onto breweries such as Thornbridge and Buxton. Our inspiration ranges from Pictish brewery in Rochdale to Russian River brewery in California and recent collaborations have seen us brew with people as diverse as John Keeling, Kees Bubberman, Colin Stronge and Stuart Ross.

Our dedicated team continue to work and play hard making and selling great beer in Manchester and beyond. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing customers in our premises enjoy everything from ‘Pint’ to ‘Decadence’, ‘Draft’ to ‘Barley wine’. We continue to strive to give our customers all the hops they can handle! All of our beers are natural, un-pasturised and un-fined, they may be a little cloudy but they taste great!