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Manchester Brewing Co

Manchester Brewing Co. is the result of two friends . . . chatting beer . . . and drinking beer . . . and chatting beer . . . ad infinitum . . . Having met whilst *trying* to sell whisky to the Sassenachs, Paul and Andy soon discovered they had a shared love that would shape the course of the coming years . . . Flight Of The Conchords! Oh, and they also loved beer . . . Inspired by all the fantastic breweries in the UK and across the globe doing such exciting things with beer, they set upon putting their own stamp on the brewing world. Operating on an 8 barrel set up on the east side of the city in Ardwick, the aim of Manchester Brewing Co. is to make traditionally modern beers. Using the strong and rich heritage that the UK has in brewing as a base, Paul and Andy can then explore how these traditions can be modernised by looking at the developments at the forefront of brewing around the world. Ultimately though, it’s all about making a decent pint . . . cheers!