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Kentish Pip

Founded by Herbert Mount over 100 years ago growing fruit and vegetables. Now diversified into a thriving mixed crop farm, business hub and drinks business.

We produce Kentish Pip cider and our own wines from our small vineyard.
Kentish Pip started out in 2012 by Mark Mount, who milled and pressed the apples by hand in his garden.
Working with his wife Rosie they developed the original range from extensive trials and old family recipes, such as hedgerow jelly and elderflower cordial.
An early run of awards and growing sales set the business on its way.
Kentish Pip has come a long way since the early days but the journey is far from over.
Too many people still think of cider in negative terms and it is our mission to shine a light on the potential of this mysterious and wonderful drink.
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Kentish Pip High Diver 4.8% 50L (E-Keg)

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