Exit 33

Our story begins back in 2007 when owner Pete decided it was time for a career change.
Much like many office workers he felt unchallenged and whilst reading articles about brewing he decided to retrain and give it a go. One year later The Brew Company Ltd was incorporated and brewing began in July 2008.

After six years of learning our trade through hard work and mistakes we had the confidence to take the brewery forward and have a total change. New staff members joined the team and a change of location enabled us to work more effectively.

Finally we felt comfortable in our new home with great beer recipes and a fantastic following stretching as far as the North East of the UK through to the South and beyond.

Our brewing journey was well underway. Recognising the need to evolve we dropped the monica that served us so well (The Brew Company) in favour of Sky’s Edge Brewing.

Unfortunately due to a trademark issue this was soon dropped and Exit 33 Brewing was born.

Exit 33 Brewing is a small, independent, but not too traditional brewery. For us it’s all about the journey, the discovery, and our attitude to crafting beer that suits some and challenges others.

The flavour of our beer originates from traditional brewing ingredients and the skill, care and attention we take. Everything we do is to enhance the flavour and quality of the beer styles we brew. As a small brewery with no shareholders to answer to, we are free to interpret historic styles with unique twists and sometimes even develop new hybrid styles. All our beers are made with traditional ingredients, malted barley, hops, yeast and Yorkshire water. That’s it, beer with nothing taken out.