El Dorado

Voted best in the world, El Dorado rums are produced in Guyana by Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). They exemplify the unique history of the culture and resources of this area known as ‘Land of many waters’ and home to the unique Demerara River. Demerara Distillers have over 300 years' heritage of sugar and rum production and has been integral to the history of British naval rum.

This legendary company began in 1670 with the amalgamation of local sugar cane producers under the guidance of early European explorers and has continued to impress winning the trophy for 'Best Spirits Producer in the Americas & Caribbean Region' in both 2010 and 2011 at the IWSC.

At the Diamond estate the standards and methods of this age-old industry have been maintained, and the original heritage stills and equipment have been preserved in working order to operate in tandem with the most up to date production technology.

Having the only distillery in the region to survive to the present day Demerara Distillers operate the last remaining wooden Coffey still in the world as well as the only wooden pot stills – both of which contribute to the distinctive flavour profiles of the rums in the El Dorado stable. All El Dorado Rums are produced strictly from local Demerara sugar cane, and aged in small American oak casks before blending to perfection by the master distiller. The rums are left to marry for at least 3 months ensuring a rich development of flavours and impressive complexity.

El Dorado offers a unique range of outstanding rums with true age statements and represents the flavours, history and culture of the country of Guyana.