Type 'A' Slide On Keg Coupler Tech (1 x Connector)

Type 'A' Slide On Keg Coupler Tech (1 x Connector)

Weight:  2kg



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Bernard Dark (Černé Pivo 13°) 5.1% 30L Keg
Bernard Unfiltered Lager (Světlý Ležák 12° Unfiltered Pilsner) 5% 30L Keg
Bernard Bohemian Lager (Pilsner Světlý Ležák 11° Premium) 4.5% 30L Keg
Bernard Light Lager (Světlé Pivo 10° Light Pilsner) 3.8% 30L Keg

Fits Bernard Kegs

Gyle:  720065
POS & KIT:  Keg Coupler

Our Type A Keg connector is Made from Chrome Plated forged Steel with a stainless Probe.Beer and gas connection For the Type A Keg Connector is via either Stainless Hose Tail and Nut where an appropriate Clip will be required to fix tubing or With modern John Guest push-fit Connector.The Choice is yours.

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