DESTIHL is an independent, privately-owned company, and our plan is simple: to continue raising the bar whenever and wherever possible.​

Located in a stand-alone building at the Shoppes at College Hills, DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works offers a bold, new take on the traditional brewpub dining experience.  Despite the Great Recession that hit soon after opening, DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works became a great success, prompting us to open a second location in downtown Champaign, IL on April 20, 2011. In that same year, we received affirmation that our brewing techniques were on the right track when we took 10 of our beers to the Great American Beer Fest® in Denver, CO. Within thirty minutes into the event, we went from being a brand no one knew on a national level to one of the most talked-about breweries of the year and in the years that followed.

So, following much success with both brewpubs, winning several major awards for our beer and garnering much distributor and retailer demand for our beer, we directed our attention and energy toward growing the brewery operations of DESTIHL. By May 2013, DESTIHL Brewery was finally launched in the G.E. Warehouses in Bloomington, IL, and after filling oak barrels for the first few months, the brewery sold its first beer in August 2013.

We have a lot of reasons to be excited and so passionate about what we produce and what we do every day, so we hope that you can help in our effort to support flavor and boycott bland.