We first started Carnival in a kitchen in Liverpool after a fundraising event at the Clearview Carnival, 2017. It is where we met and started the journey of Carnival Brewing Company over a love of music and beer. Now here we are, developing our very own fundraiser for the future endeavours of Carnival.
We’ve Only Just Begun - The Carpenters
It has been a momentous journey from kitchen rehearsals to garage production to business creation. In these three years we have now got to a point of employing our awesome team of Ed, Matt, Stu and Neil; we have opened up the brewery and well-loved tasting room, and have been producing wonderful beers.
Industrial Estate - The Fall
Our journey has been amazing so far. At Unit 3 we started with cask and keg and didn’t think we would be canning ourselves for another two years, but here we are, after purchasing our own canning machine in summer 2021 we've embarked on that next phase.
Helter Skelter - The Beatles
The twists and turns of the last year have shown us how important the support from everyone is. We are now a part of a brewing and craft beer community, probably the friendliest and supportive community we have had a chance to be part of. “When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide”.
Creation - Beyond the Wizard Sleeve
Coming together to take our kitchen and garage brews to production on a brewery scale has been an exciting and strangely terrifying experience. But you can’t have the Yin without the Yang. Learning how the kit works, developing the recipes, seeing the reaction to the beers in the Tasting Room and getting feedback has been transformative. The creative experience is why we started the brewery and it certainly is the energy that keeps us all focussed on the next beer being better than the last.
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