Camden Town

We sold our first beer in July 2010. We started working on the idea at the end of 2009 before moving into railway arches in Camden Town at the beginning of 2010.

Jasper Cuppaidge started it. He owns The Horseshoe in Hampstead and brewed cask beer in the cellar, but for the other taps on the bar – the lager, wheat beer, pale ales, etc – he had to order from other places. But there were no beers brewed locally that he liked, so he decided to start the brewery that made those beers.

Our classic beers, which are brewed year-round, are: Hells Lager, Pale Ale, Ink, Gentleman’s Wit and USA Hells. Then we have a wide range of limited edition beers brewed throughout the year – these could be any style depending on what’s influencing us and what we want to drink. Look out for the Versus Series – it’s collaborative beers between us and other breweries.