“ We know how to craft our vodka, you know how to appreciate it ”

With a passion for natural ingredients, used in the finest recipes we could produce all-natural spirits that burst with fresh, natural aromas and home- made taste. Our professionalism and dedication to our task are winning over more and more fans each day. Even if you’re not usually a fan of vodka you might change your mind after trying one of the many infusions we have in store for you.

Our range of spirits includes classic London dry gin, the barrel aged spirit and delicious fruit infused super, premium vodka. We’ve always wanted to produce something unique. Something that, you can’t find on the market.

Bimber Distillery’s Vodkas are distilled four times using only the finest ingredients. No artificial additives, no artificial colour– just pure, natural taste. We are very proud of our vodkas. With each season, we only source the best spices and fruits based on their quality. All our spirits are handcrafted and created in small batches.

Our fruit-infused vodka range provides the backbone for everything we offer. We use closely guarded family recipes that have been refined to perfection over many years.

Choose Bimber Distillery and you’ll choose original.