Absorbed by a highly-sophisticated drinking culture, with its copa-glasses, vast selections of gins and seemingly countless bars --each offering a distinctive take on the flavours and aromas of individual garnishes-- Spain captivated our imagination.

Journeying further into its secrets we learned of Spain’s ancient connections to the Incense Route, laden with its exotic cargoes from the East: Inspiration found! Delicate touches of frankincense and myrrh now sit infused within Batch’s complex taste.

Remarkable in their range of delicate garnishes --from orange segments to fresh basil-- the Spanish’s flair for creativity inspired our very first Ideal Serving: Batch Gin and tonic with crushed raspberries and lime peel.

On our return, energized, sights set, we instinctively knew a new seduction had started and Batch, naturally, has never looked back.