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Our Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG 1328. This number adorns the emblem of Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG for a reason: In 1328 the Augustinian monks began brewing beer in their Augustinian monastery near Munich Cathedral. For almost 500 years, the friars brewed their Augustiner beer directly in the monastery - and sold it in the monastery tavern popular with Munich residents. In 1803 the state took over the Augustinian monastery in the course of secularization. The monastery brewery was privatized and moved to nearby Neuhauser Straße in 1817 due to the dilapidation of the monastery. In 1829 the Freising brewer Anton Wagner acquired the company, which has existed as a civil private brewery ever since. His son Josef Wagner had a modern new building built on Landsberger Strasse on what was then the outskirts of the city, to which the brewery moved in 1885.
We still brew here today.
With considerable investments we have expanded the capacity of our brewery again and again and brought the production up to the most modern level. We attach great importance to our draft beer in traditional wooden barrels, which enjoys the special care of our master brewers. We obtain our excellent brewing water from our own well at a depth of 230 meters. In our historic barn malt house on the brewery premises, we produce malt of exceptional quality. The germinating barley is laid out in large rooms - 40 meters long and ten meters wide - in a thin layer on a special limestone floor and turned every eight hours. Our traditional method of floor malting takes a lot of space and time, but the malt has room to breathe - and you can taste it!
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Augustiner Hell 5.2% 1 x 500ml Bottles

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