Attic Brew Co

We started Attic Brew Co. after years of ~ responsible ~ beer consumption and playing around with small scale brewing on a dodgy but lovingly made home made kit. Whilst we were at Cardiff university as housemates many moons ago, we fell hard and fast in love with the Real Ale scene (looking at you Cardiff Arms), and by trying the plethora of different styles of beer, we realised that beer isn't just lager, but so much more! Sam began trying his hand at home brewing in his student bedroom and although there were plenty of fails and explosive results along the way, his desire to get it right was only spurred on. After  graduating, we moved our separate ways, one back to Birmingham and one on a jolly jaunt to London. 
Whilst dabbling in the dog eat dog corporate world, Sam spent all his hard earned pennies kitting out the attic at home (hence the name) in Kings Heath into a fully functioning brewery to keep striving to brew better and better beer. Needless to say, the road to perfection is never ending and we are still on it!
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