Luscombe Sparkling Apple Crush 24 x 320ml Bottles

Luscombe Sparkling Apple Crush 24 x 320ml Bottles

Weight:  10kg



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24 x 320ml Bottles

Producer:  Luscombe
Package Type:  24 x 320ml Bottles
Soft Drink Type:  Juice Drinks


Luscombe drinks are made from the best raw ingredients available - fruit thats not been ruined by processing! Additives are generally used to redress the imbalance caused by the use of over-processed, convenient and cheaper juices and concentrates. Luscombe refuse to use concentrate and has no need of artificial additives or flavourings as they are natural, straight from the fruit.

Hand-made in small amounts, each batch has subtle variations due to the raw ingredients varying slightly because of the seasons and weather conditions. Luscombe drinks often come with sediment, evidence of authenticity.

Organically grown apples from English orchards crushed with spring water and a tingle of fizz to make a refreshing beverage.


Organic apple juice (81%), spring water (19%), antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), co2

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