Forest Earl Grey Gin (Batch 040 - 1 of 85 Bottles) 39.5% 1 x 70cl Porcelain Bottle

Forest Earl Grey Gin (Batch 040 - 1 of 85 Bottles) 39.5% 1 x 70cl Porcelain Bottle

Weight:  1kg



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1 x 70cl Bottle

Producer:  Forest Gin
Package Type:  1 x 70cl Bottle
Region:  Cheshire
Spirit Category:  Gin

Forest Gin

Forest Gin is a hand-crafted, small-batch gin that is produced using a range of botanicals native to Macclesfield Forest. Lovingly crafted by husband and wife team Lindsay & Karl Bond, the locally sourced ingredients include a range of foraged forest botanicals including wild Bilberries, wild Gorse Flowers, wild Raspberries, and local Moss – which is combined with organic certified juniper berries and organic certified coriander seeds. These are mixed with neutral grain spirit and the softest, purest local spring water to give a Premium London Dry Gin of outstanding quality. Incredibly fresh and complex, this gin is packed with flavour, and is delicious to enjoy either neat or mixed with tonic water. In addition, Forest Gin is beautifully presented in an ornamental hand screen-printed, stoneware bottle that can be kept as a striking storage vessel. The artwork adopted represents a one of a kind commission by the talented Papercut artist Suzy Taylor, who hand cuts all of her artwork from a single piece of paper. In summary, Forest Gin is a wonderful new addition to the category not to be missed out on by gin enthusiasts.

The gin is then infused with the earl grey tea. The tea we use has bergamot, floral and orchid notes to it which goes really nicely with the earthy tones in our gin.

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