Compass Box Oak Cross Whisky Blended Malt 43% 1 x 70cl Bottle

Compass Box Oak Cross Whisky Blended Malt 43% 1 x 70cl Bottle

Weight:  1kg



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1 x 70cl Bottle

Gyle:  COM003
Producer:  Compass Box
Package Type:  1 x 70cl Bottle
Region:  Scotland
Spirit Category:  Blended Whisky

Compass Box

The name Oak Cross comes from our use of both American and French oak in the maturation of this whisky.

We begin by sourcing whiskies from three single malt distilleries; one for its ethereal fruity character, one for its enchanting perfume and one that lends a complex and substantial structure to the blend.

43% abv 

non chill filtered 
natural colour

All are aged in American oak casks before we place a portion into innovative hybrid casks featuring heavily toasted new French oak heads. These give the whisky an added richness and spice-like complexity. By carefully blending back the French oak-aged whisky with its American oak-aged forebear, we are able to create a refined, rich, but well-mannered malt whisky, with fruity aspects that will remind you of baked apple or pears, complemented by a rich, toasty oak character.

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