Brampton One Trick Pony 4.8% 9g (E-Cask)

Brampton One Trick Pony 4.8% 9g (E-Cask)


Ale that’s brewed with a passion will be consumed with a passion. That’s what we’ve learned over the years. Building on the dreams and ambitions of the original Brampton Brewery, the team at Unit 5 have taken the inspiration of the Victorian brewing legend and adapted it to the tastes and demands of 21st Century Britain.

The result is a rich, handcrafted collection of award winning cask-conditioned ales and craft beers; each defined by their own unique character yet all sharing the same intent to charm and entertain.

Weight:  52.80kg



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Producer:  Brampton
Cask:  9 gallon (E-Cask)
Returnable:  No
Region:  Derbyshire
Beer Style:  Pale Ale
ABV (%):  4.8

1 x 9g Cask

The modern-day brewing trend is very much for massively hopped beers featuring numerous varieties from across the globe. So we’ve had a go at brewing a beer with just a single hop variety. That’s right, just one. Uno. Eins. Un. It is a good one – Cascade – and we’ve tried to be a bit imaginative with different formats of it added at different stages of the brewing process.

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