Beerbliotek Hip Hops 6% 24 x 330ml Cans

Beerbliotek Hip Hops 6% 24 x 330ml Cans


A Craft Brewery founded in Gothenburg (Sweden) by four friends from different parts of the world.

Our brewing philosophy is simple… keep brewing new beers that we, ourselves, would want to drink.

Our name is derived from the Latin word bibliothēca, meaning library, or a collection of books. A Beerbliotek, for us, would then mean a beer library, or a collection of beer.

All of our products have a number on them. This number represents the number of different beers we have brewed. Although we have a core range, most of them we only brewed once.

At the start of 2019, we started with “I just want you to be normal”, a new Unfiltered Lager, which is #239.

Weight:  10kg



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Producer:  Beerbliotek
Package Type:  24 x 330ml Cans
Region:  Sweden
Beer Style:  IPA
ABV (%):  6.0

24 X 330ML CANS

Hip Hops contains a combination of, what we confided to be, the current “Hipster Hops”. A clean malt profile of Pale Malt and Carapils, leaves a crisp finish, allowing the hops to really shine.

Tasting Notes – A hops aromatic taste with a clear bitterness, hints of Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Mandarin, light syrup and Clover flowers.

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