Fords London Dry Gin 45% 1 x 75cl Bottle

Fords London Dry Gin 45% 1 x 75cl Bottle


Fords Gin is a collaboration between 8th generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers and Simon Ford of The 86 Company.

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Producer:  Fords
Package Type:  1 x 75cl Bottle
Region:  London
Spirit Category:  Gin

1 x 70cl Bottle

Ford’s Gin, made in London. Designed by Tom Ford who had the fortune to bring Plymouth Gin back to the USA about 14 years ago and consulted on various other gins since. This was a chance to make my own which was really exciting.” It has a pleasant but very noticeable citrus quality, and while I don’t normally drink gin straight, I could almost drink this straight and I think it would make a great martini. My favorite way to use gin is in what my bartender friend Gretchen calls, “A Gretchen,” which is sort of like a gin and tonic minus most of the tonic, gin on the rocks with a splash or two of tonic, or a very dry G&T where the gin speaks most loudly buffered by a few bubbles. Ford’s Gin would be perfect for this, and I might even omit my customary wedge of lime, given how much fruit is going on. While many gin makers are secretive about their blend of “botanicals,” all are listed, including country of origin, on the label. There are 9 ingredients in all, plus the wheat from which the underlying alcohol is distilled and well water from Mendocino, California. These include Italian juniper (pretty much all juniper is Italian), Romanian coriander seed, Spanish lemon peel, Moroccan or Haitian bitter orange peel, Chinese jasmine, Polish angelica, Turkish grapefruit peel, Italian or Moroccan orris powder and Indonesian cassia. It is very international in origin, hence it’s label slogan, “It doesn’t take an empire to make a gin: distilled in London, Botanicals from Everywhere.” But ultimately it is the triple shot of citrus fruit peel that is most pronounced – and makes this a most special gin.

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