Beavertown Jawline 5.5% 24 x 330ml CANS (BEST BEFORE 05/04/19)

Beavertown Jawline 5.5% 24 x 330ml CANS (BEST BEFORE 05/04/19)

Weight:  10kg



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24 x 330ml cans

Producer:  Beavertown
Package Type:  24 x 330ml Cans
Region:  London
Beer Style:  Pale Ale


We are driven by our passion for innovation and quality. We are dedicated to brewing beers that create an experience and crave big flavours and character in every brew. Our core range exemplifies our commitment to consistency and excellence whilst our Alpha, Seasonal and Tempus Project show our creative and innovative approach.

We brewed this crisp Pale ale together with our Italian friends from Birrificio del Ducato. We both love Simcoe so we decided to put together a beer showcasing this beautiful hop. The result is a 5.5% easy drinking floral, fruity and lightly bitter pale ale, built around a complex malt base of Golden Promise with some wheat and oats. This provides a dry but full body on which we’ve layered up Simcoe, bringing flavours of juicy papaya and tangerine.

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