Veltins Pint Glass with Handle (6 Pack) FOR DRAUGHT CUSTOMERS ONLY

Veltins Pint Glass with Handle (6 Pack)  FOR DRAUGHT CUSTOMERS ONLY

Weight:  3kg



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6 x Pint(568ml) glass

Producer:  Veltins
POS & KIT:  Glassware (Pints)


An excellent beer for all occasions. VELTINS is synonymous with freshness, for a good reason: By enacting the beer purity law in 1516, German brewers created the basis for a tradition of excellence, individually and expertly refined by the C. & A. Brewery during the many decades that followed. This is another reason why VELTINS today ranks among the most popular German Pilsner-type beers: as it has for hundreds of years, the pure brewing water still springs from the natural mountain sources located around Grevenstein, an area which has for some time enjoyed protection as a natural reserve. Since its beginning, the VELTINS brewers have used nothing but pure malt, delicate hops and vigorous yeast. Today, the original VELTINS formula represents a technologically sophisticated brewing process resulting in consistent taste and quality. Day after day, our brewers deliver proof that tradition and high-tech are in no way mutually exclusive. Fresh VELTINS is perfect evidence of good taste.

6 x Pint(568ml) glass

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