Veltins Half Pint Stemmed Glass (12 Pack) FOR DRAUGHT CUSTOMERS ONLY

Veltins Half Pint Stemmed Glass (12 Pack)  FOR DRAUGHT CUSTOMERS ONLY


An excellent beer for all occasions. VELTINS is synonymous with freshness, for a good reason: By enacting the beer purity law in 1516, German brewers created the basis for a tradition of excellence, individually and expertly refined by the C. & A. Brewery during the many decades that followed. This is another reason why VELTINS today ranks among the most popular German Pilsner-type beers: as it has for hundreds of years, the pure brewing water still springs from the natural mountain sources located around Grevenstein, an area which has for some time enjoyed protection as a natural reserve. Since its beginning, the VELTINS brewers have used nothing but pure malt, delicate hops and vigorous yeast. Today, the original VELTINS formula represents a technologically sophisticated brewing process resulting in consistent taste and quality. Day after day, our brewers deliver proof that tradition and high-tech are in no way mutually exclusive. Fresh VELTINS is perfect evidence of good taste.

Weight:  3kg



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Producer:  Veltins
POS & KIT:  Glassware (1/2 Pints)

12 x half pint glass

12 x half pint glass

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