To ěl Glass - 2.0 TEKU (1 x 33cl Glass)

To ěl Glass - 2.0 TEKU (1 x 33cl Glass)
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To ěl Glasses - 2.0 TEKU 1 x 0,3L

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Producer:  To ěl
POS & KIT:  1 x 33cl Glass

To ěl

Back in 2005 Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther were young lads studying at Det Fri Gymnasium – a direct democracy based high school in Copenhagen ( – talking to their teacher Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller) about the weird fact that most Danish breweries were continuously bawling about their scrap beers having been brewed for more than 100 years, rather than focusing on the actual taste and content of their brews: As if a stale lager ever has become less nauseous by the fact that it has been brewed for over 100 years?!

The three of them agreed that the only way to ensure the quality of beer was to brew the beers themselves.

And so they did.

Soon Tobias, Tore and Mikkel were allowed in the school kitchen facilities during closing hours and began turning the kitchen in to a brewing lab – and behold: Brewing began. The out of office-hours for brewing in the kitchen facilities meant that most brews were made between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am on weekdays. So both the two pupils and their teacher faced some hard school days. That despite, malts were mashed, hop leaves boiled, yeast was fermenting and bubbled within lab flasks and a hunt for potent quality beers had begun as well as a dedication to never compromise the taste.

Later Mikkel started the well-known brewery Mikkeller, which has garnered wide international recognition. Tobias and Tore continued to make home brews and in 2010 they were ready to make their first commercial brew and the brewery To Øl was founded.

Ever since To Øl has continued to make brews that pushes the boundaries of beers. The approach is always to use raw ingredients of the finest quality, never to compromise with taste, to remain oblivious to fashion or certain styles and to keep an open mind.

Despite the relative short lifetime of To Øl, the brewery has already gained a huge amount of positive attention in craft beer societies around the world and is being saluted for their non-compromises made with the quality brewing style.