Haacht Primus Premium Lager 5.2% 30L Keg

Haacht Primus Premium Lager 5.2% 30L Keg


Haacht Brewery has been a true Belgian family-run brewery for about 120 years. Immerse yourself in the olden days and discover how weíre taking on the future.

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Weight:  41.50kg



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Producer:  Haacht
Keg:  30 litres Brewery Keg
Keg Connector:  Sankey (UK)
Returnable:  Yes
Region:  Belgium
Beer Style:  Pilsner
ABV (%):  5.2


Thatís why you deserve a unique pilsner. A pilsner that doesnít simply follow the taste of the day. One that isnít made sweeter or bitterer if that happens to be the popular taste. And one that never compromises on quality. A pilsner that has been brewed for generations by a local family brewery. Using the purest ingredients and the best method. A tiny bit unconventional, but always exceptionally refreshing.

Every sip releases its characteristic taste in your mouth. It lives its own life, the way it wants to, and stays true to itself.

Appearance Clear, light-blond in colour with a fine head.
Bouquet Delicate hoppy aromas
Flavour Initially slightly sweet with a touch of bitterness. Then comes the dry and thirst- slaking aftertaste.

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