Fourpure Peach State 3.4% 30L (E-Keg)

Fourpure Peach State 3.4% 30L (E-Keg)

Fourpure Brewing Co

Fourpure is a London based brewery founded by brothers Dan and Tom Lowe in 2013.

Beer is our passion and our travels are what inspire us to brew. Our approach to exceptional brewing is all about attention to detail and not cutting corners, in an age-old industry we aspire to constantly innovate, we are nimble and progressive yet strive to stay true to the principles of brewing – respecting the four core ingredients used to make beer: grain, yeast, hops and water. This was the inspiration for the name Fourpure.

Weight:  41.50kg



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Producer:  Fourpure Brewing Co
Keg:  30 litres E-Keg
Keg Connector:  Sankey (UK)
Returnable:  No
Region:  London
Beer Style:  Sour

1 x 30L Keg

Take a look around Georgia and you’ll see peaches everywhere. Not just real peaches, mind you – streets called Peachtree, peach-inspired logos, and shops selling peach pie and peach pastries. Our love of travelling up and down the Peach State, enjoying these little treats and quirky names inspired us to brew this delicious peach sour. Our friends at Toast provided us with 200kg of surplus bread, saving it from waste, which alongside fruity peach puree leaves you with a lightly tart and refreshing beer. Peach State is perfect for enjoying on a farmhouse porch, watching that peach-coloured Georgia sunset.

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