Vixin Pear 4.5% 12 x 375ml Bottles

Vixin Pear 4.5% 12 x 375ml Bottles

Weight:  5kg



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12 x 375ml Bottles

Producer:  Vixin
Package Type:  12 x 375ml Bottles
Region:  France
Cider Style:  Perry


Vixin Cider is a natural, artisanal hard cider made in France. No added colors, flavors, sugar or anything artificial.

Delicious pear cider with a delicate flavor, fresh pear aroma and a sophisticated finish. An excellent refreshment with light, champagne-like bubbles. Perfect for Brunch, with crepes, light salads, pasta and seafood dishes.


No Added Sugar, Colors, Flavors

Made with 100% Natural Pressed Juice

Gluten Free

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