Wild Beer Co Bibble 4.2% 24 x 330ml Cans

Wild Beer Co Bibble  4.2% 24 x 330ml Cans

Weight:  10kg



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24 x 330ml Cans

Producer:  Wild Beer Co
Package Type:  24 x 330ml Cans
Region:  Somerset
Beer Style:  Pale Ale

Wild Beer Co

Unconstrained by stylistic guidelines and led by flavour, we celebrate traditional techniques whilst embracing a sense of modernity in our brewing. We want to give you a truly memorable drinking experience, altering your perceptions of beer and thrilling your taste buds.
Whether it's hoppy freshness, stout sweetness or sour and refined barrel-aged flavours that you're after, rest assured you'll find them here.

Our session ale is the perfect fit for a can - fast, easy and delicious. Packed full of hops aromas with a solid malt base it’s a beer for all occasions. The name ‘Bibble’ in Somerset dialect means to drink loudly, often and well.

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