Wilde Child Event Horizan 5.1% 9g (E-Cask)

Wilde Child Event Horizan 5.1% 9g (E-Cask)

Wilde Child

Leeds based micro brewery specialising in the production of big, bold and hard hitting bottled and kegged beers that make you think about what you drink.

Weight:  52.80kg



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Producer:  Wilde Child
Cask:  9 gallon (E-Cask)
Returnable:  No
Region:  Yorkshire
Beer Style:  Stout & Porter
ABV (%):  5.1

1 x 9g cask

Beware of the 'Event Horizon' because once you pass the point of no return, there's no coming back. A ton of oats combined with 20kg of sweet cherry puree and concentrated extract will ensure you're not bothered about crossing that line.

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