Weihenstephaner & Sierra Nevada Braupakt 6% 20 x 500ml Bottles

Weihenstephaner & Sierra Nevada Braupakt 6% 20 x 500ml Bottles

Weight:  10kg



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20 x 500ml Bottles

Producer:  Weihenstephan
Package Type:  20 x 500ml Bottles
Region:  Germany
Beer Style:  Wheat


Two countries, separated by a distance of around 10,000 kilometres – and united by a common passion for brewing beer. The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan and the US craft beer pioneers Sierra Nevada now announce their joint venture, “Braupakt”. The beer to be produced under this “brewing pact” is a fruity, hoppy Hefeweissbier based on the venerable Hallertauer Tradition hop strain and given a sophisticated twist with the addition of US Amarillo and Chinook hops. Developing the formula took almost one year of teamwork. Last week the first joint tasting session was held with Bill Manley, New Product Development Manager from Sierra Nevada, who travelled from California to Freising for the momentous event. Manley pronounced himself delighted with the result of the “brewing pact”, explaining, “In the USA’s craft beer movement, the trend is slowly moving away from ultra-bitter beers and embracing aromatic, hoppy brews instead. The fruity, super-aromatic hop varieties and fine banana notes of our ‘Braupact’ really hit the spot.” Weihenstephan Brewery’s master brewer, Tobias Zollo, is likewise well satisfied with the project’s enormous success. “As experts in Hefeweissbier, we’ve joined forces with Sierra Nevada, which is world-famous for its Pale Ale and globally regarded as setting the benchmark for this beer type. By combining our core areas of expertise, we’ve created a very special beer that has won us over completely!” For Zollo, the basis of trust and collaboration in the partnership with his US colleagues was a fascinating experience: “We brewers are always interested in exploring the differences in beer culture between the two countries. Unfortunately, Germany is often dominated by rivalry, while the USA instead focuses on exchanging ideas and finding mutual areas of inspiration. The mindset of this new approach was a very positive experience for us.”

Tasting details: This naturally cloudy amber Hefeweissbier has a firm, creamy head and reveals
fragrances of peach, apricot and citrus on the nose. The initial impression on the palate is of a bouquet of
aromas, including subtle touches of banana plus refreshing grapefruit from the American Chinook hops.
The fruity peach and apricot notes from the Amarillo hops are balanced by the gentle sweetness of the
caramel malt. The beer has a delicate tartness that melds into a harmonious mouthfeel on the finish.

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