Thornbridge Mango Halcyon IPA 7.4% 30L (Keg-Star)

Thornbridge Mango Halcyon IPA 7.4% 30L (Keg-Star)

Weight:  41.50kg



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1 x 30l Keg

Gyle:  B/MAHA-KEG30-074 8429
Producer:  Thornbridge
Keg:  30 litres Keg Star
Keg Connector:  Sankey (UK)
Returnable:  No
Region:  Derbyshire
Beer Style:  IPA


We have infused our famous Imperial IPA with over 300KG of mango to create a fantastically fruity new beer this spring. This is the 4th release from our Year of Beer calendar, with many more exciting treats to come.

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