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Thistly Cross Strawberry Cider 4% 12 x 330ml Bottles

Thistly Cross Strawberry Cider 4% 12 x 330ml Bottles

Thistly Cross

We take care over each step of the cider-making process; from pressing the apples and fermenting with the finest blend of Champagne yeasts, to maturing the cider for at least 6 months to achieve that rounded, smooth Thistly Cross taste. We have the highest standards at every step of the process and compromise nothing for the taste that makes us so deliciously unique.

Weight:  10kg



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Producer:  Thistly Cross
Package Type:  12 x 330ml Bottles
Region:  Scotland
Cider Style:  Fruit
ABV (%):  4.0

12 x 330ml Bottles

Cider is matured with masses of pressed Scottish strawberries to make a full bodied, fruit-driven, quenching drink. Rich in colour, the mouth is full of fruit with a clean refreshing finish.

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