Mad Squirrel Roadkill 6.5% 24 x 440ml Cans

Mad Squirrel Roadkill 6.5% 24 x 440ml Cans

Weight:  12kg



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24 x 440ml Cans

Producer:  Mad Squirrel
Package Type:  24 x 440ml Cans
Region:  Hertfordshire
Beer Style:  New England IPA

Mad Squirrel

Our company core aims are to produce the best beer possible, and to share them with the most drinkers possible. We are keen educators and love to spread knowledge and passion for beer. We are always striving to be more consistent, more innovative and the best brewers we can be.

An Opaque IPA, BAM! Thatís Roadkill hitting your taste buds like a body bouncing off a bonnet. An ABV of 65mph collides with the squishy pulp of unexpecting fruit and leaves super smooth tire-tracks all over your tongue. Roadkill, donít drink and drive.

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