Little Valley Organic Tods Blonde 5% 9g (E-Cask)

Little Valley Organic Tods Blonde 5% 9g (E-Cask)

Weight:  52.80kg



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1 x 9g cask

Producer:  Little Valley
Cask:  9 gallon (E-Cask)
Returnable:  No
Region:  Yorkshire
Vegan Friendly:  YES
Beer Style:  Pale Ale

Little Valley

At Little Valley we make beer that takes you further. Look past the scene, go beyond what's been and focus on what matters - quality, taste and character.

Cool and Crisp - Tods Blonde is a bright yellow blonde ale with a pleasant malty taste and a smooth bitter finish. The ideal alternative to lager! Its best served with a crisp salad, or portion of fish and chips.

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