Crew Foundation 11 German Pale Ale 5.6% 20L Key Keg

Crew Foundation 11 German Pale Ale 5.6% 20L Key Keg

Weight:  22.80kg



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1 x 20ltr key keg

Gyle:  100204
Producer:  Crew Republic
Keg:  20 litres Key Keg
Keg Connector:  Key Keg
Returnable:  No
Region:  Germany
Beer Style:  Pale Ale

Crew Republic

Choice Bavarian hops deliver a balanced bitterness against the light caramel malt backbone in Foundation 11. Select aroma hops from the USA provide an enticing hop bouquet filled with hints of blueberries, grapefruit, and herbal tee. Specialty malts from Bavaria and England offer a deep copper color in this unfiltered beer. A classic beer from our founders that still stands the test of time.

Foundation features generous amounts of crystal malt from a small family run malting company in England which are responsible for its color and provide the light caramel and toast aromas which balance nicely against the hop aroma.

The CREW enjoys Foundation 11 with spicy Asian dishes, grilled Tuna, and roasted pork.

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