Crew Escalation Double IPA 8.3% 20L Key Keg

Crew Escalation Double IPA 8.3% 20L Key Keg

Weight:  22.80kg



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1 x 20l key keg

Gyle:  100502
Producer:  Crew Republic
Keg:  20 litres Key Keg
Keg Connector:  Key Keg
Returnable:  No
Region:  Germany
Beer Style:  IPA

Crew Republic

Loads of the brewmasters’s favorite aroma hops are crammed into this beer until it won’t take anymore. This unfiltered double India Pale Ale is also loaded with bold German malts that lend a copper orange color to the beer while also providing a full body and crystal malt sweetness. 7:45 Escalation is a very hoppy beer with aromas of pineapple, mangos, sweet fruits, herbal tea, and hints of spices. Faint traces of alcohol round out the bouquet and give a small hint of the 8,3% alc., which is well hidden in this hop monster. The extreme amount of hops and malt in our 7:45 Escalation makes the brewing process very difficult and time consuming. 7:45 Escalation is even dry hopped two separate times to deliver as much hop flavor as possible! A lot of work goes into this beer but every time we drink it, we know that it’s worth every bit of the hard work.
The CREW enjoys 7:45 Escalation with grilled or fried meats, spicy BBQ and key lime pie.

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